Mean Flow and Lezet - After the Curve

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-085
Number of tracks: 2
Genres: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Format: Flac, Mp3
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We welcome the return of Lezet and introduction of Mean Flow to Buddhist on Fire.

A man can keep silence in such a ways that no one will even notice it. The whole point is that we say a good deal too much. If we limited ourselves to what is actually necessary, this alone would be keeping the silence. And it is the same with everything else, with food, with pleasures, with sleep; with everything there is a limit to what is necessary. After this "sin" begins. This is something that must be grasped, a "sin" is something which is not necessary.

- G. I. Gurdjieff, In Search of the Miraculous (1949)