Jeff Sampson - Charnal-House

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-079
Number of tracks: 1
Genres: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Soundscape
Format: Flac, Mp3, Ogg
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We welcome Jeff Sampson to Buddhist on Fire. Jeff has a marvelous voice and has been a constant source of inspiration.

“ being stuck inside a huge, haunted castle, straight out of Poe or Lovecraft, where nameless terrors await the unwary.”

"Sampson produces an impressively wide variety of sounds; he can hum, croon, moan, chant like a Tibetan monk, chant like a Western monk, or sing high counter-tenor."
--Hannah Shapero

"...choir-like and haunting."
--Bill Binkelmann

" ethereal voice that floats like a specter."
--Matt Howarth

No one is anyone, one single immortal man is all men. Like Cornelius Agrippa, I am god, I am hero, I am philosopher, I am demon and I am world, which is a tedious way of saying that I do not exist.

- Jorge Luis Borges, The Immortal (1949)