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Crystal Dreams - Tea Drones

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-075
Number of tracks: 4
Genres: Drone, Ambient
Format: Flac, Mp3, Ogg
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Cover: Jason Taellious
Direct URL: Crystal Dreams - Tea Drones
Review at BOF-075

Tea Drones is a foray into the hypnotic world of the drone. A world where melody is redundant and texture is key. If sound could have a colour the names of these excursions are what I imagine it might be like.

The album came to me in middle of 2013 whilst I was working at a call center in Canberra, Australia. During my morning and afternoon tea breaks I was often found staring at my iPhone working furiously in NanoStudio. Escaping the corporate world. Experimenting. Coming to grips with the concept of making music with just a touch screen.

The original sketches stayed untouched for a further two years until I regained the love I needed to bring them into the wider world. I imported all of the NanoStudio rendered audio into Ableton and gave them the warmth and shine I felt they deserved.

Special thanks to Sarah for tolerating my absences during the polishing process and to John Tocher for his support.

Thinkers are not a welcome addition to most social situations.

- Terence McKenna