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Lezet - Accumulation

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-066
Number of tracks: 9
Genres: Experimental, Noise, Ambient
Format: Flac, Mp3, Ogg
Download Flac, Ogg:
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Cover: @Doug88888
Direct URL: Lezet - Accumulation
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The latest from Lezet. An experimental music project from Serbia. Pozega,Serbia

The tracks on this EP are in themselves a form of musical accumulation- they are linear and gather different sound elements of disparate sonic quality as they progress, somehow lending themselves to a unified body of music.

I want to thank my students (#04),my neighbours (#08), a street gusle player (#07) and the rain that almost flooded my entire country (#06) for providing the accompanying sounds for this album.And a big thank-you to my dear friend Ken for making a brilliant remix (#03)

2010-2013, Pozega, Serbia

When you start the next project you have to forget everything you did before, otherwise Dark Knight will start to sound like Kung Fu Panda.

- Hans Zimmer