Buddhist on Fire presents: Crazy Blues

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-046
Number of tracks: 9
Genres: Experimental, Drone, Noise
Format: Flac, Mp3, Ogg
Download: bof046_vbr_mp3.zip
Download Flac, Ogg: archive.org
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Cover: José Bogado
Direct URL: Buddhist on Fire presents: Crazy Blues
Review at archive.org: BOF-O46

Near as I recall, this compilation was inspired by a remark made in the stillstream.com chatroom by Joe McMahon. I was manipulating the Crazy Blues 78 with the Buddhalizer live towards the end of a Sadayatana podcast. Joe remarked: "I really like this. Acid ambient". The rest--as they say--is history. Thank you Joe.

Ah, Durian Grey. Never needed deodorant, but you couldn't go into the room where his portrait was without hazmat suits.

- Joe McMahon, "stillstream chat" (2013)