Jack Hertz - Cheshire Girls

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-036
Number of tracks: 1
Genres: Dark ambient; Drone, Experimental
Format: Flac, Mp3, Ogg
Download: bof036_vbr_mp3.zip
Download Flac, Ogg: archive.org
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Cover: Jack Hertz
Direct URL: Jack Hertz - Cheshire Girls
Review at archive.org: BOF-O36

This is an alternate version of Jack's Caterpillar release for the Alice in Wonderland drone project. As such it includes the voices of Crystal Dreams as The Caterpillar, and Pixyblink as Alice.

The music is generated completely and exclusively from the voices of Crystal Dreams and Pixyblink by Jack Hertz:

"This version was created with the same 14 source tracks I processed on the initial release. However, each track has been processed with 32-tap delay for total a 448 layers of voices in the final mix."

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