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Marsynth: The EM Sessions

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-018
Number of tracks: 10
Genres: Abstract, Experimental, Dark Ambient
Format: MP3
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Cover: Ayn Morgan
Direct URL: Marsynth: The EM Sessions
Review at BOF-O18

The EM Sessions evolved on between several electronic artists including: Burning Artist, Dan MiƱoza, Emerald Adrift, Shane Morris, Modulator ESP, Mystified, Onewayness and Palancar.

There are several different Marsynths, which are electronic instruments created to exhibit a large variety of organic characteristics similar to their acoustic counterparts.

The artists in this collection illustrate the diversity of the Marsynth through their varied use, interpretation and collaborative efforts.

Now an invention has been wrought out that proves that electricity is capable of producing--not reproducing, but producing--music of rare beauty and purity.

- Marion Melius, Music by Electricity (1906)

CDRX - Rock'n'roll station

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-017
Number of tracks: 1
Genres: Dark Ambient, Soundscape
Format: MP3
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Cover: John Tocher Photo: A.Currell
Direct URL: CDRX - Rock'n'roll station
Review at BOF-O17

CDRX a citizen of Elgaland-Vargaland began making music in 1996. He started as Cereal Killer and does audio manipulation and mixes using sound bites, field recordings, loops, distortions and harsh noise. CDRX has created and released a number of cds via his own label Bad For Health Records. "I listen to a lot of industrial, ambient and concrete music but also metal, folk and pop."

He takes his inspiration from the likes of Nurse With Wound, Pierre Henry, Final and Aidan Baker and many more.

While the title is taken from a release by Nurse With Wound (which in turn was a cover of the original by French experimentalist Jac Berrocal), this is not a remake or cover of it's namesake.

A film for the disused cinema of your mind's eye. Don't forget to save us the aisle seats.

Yes I am a Nurse With Wound fan, the greatest band in the world since music was created.