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Ice Guild Kaiser - Asphalt's Parakeet

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-010
Number of tracks: 6
Genres: Dark Ambient
Format: MP3
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Visit The Artists: C.P. McDill
Cover: C.P. McDill
Direct URL: Ice Guild Kaiser - Asphalts Parakeet
Review at BOF-O10

I was very happy when C.P. McDill told me about this release. Inspired by Sadayatana he said. Neat. Sadayatana is inspired by and infused with the music of C.P. McDill in a big way. Sadayatana has been directly influenced by music curated by him as proprietor of the Webbed Hand Records netlabel, and in the music he has made and released in various guises. As Akashic Crow’s Nest, Drone Wallah, Saluki Regicide, Tree Helicopter, Djinnestan, Rolling Calf Sinfonette, and now as Ice Guild Kaiser (Saluki Regicide spelled inside out.)

Listening to "Asphalt's Parakeet" gives me a warm fuzzy. Fun to hear Sadayatana reflected back in such an inspired way. And so it goes. I listen to him who listens to me as I listen to him. Fantastic. And now it is your turn. Enjoy.

C.P. McDill: Electric Guitar, EBow, Synth, Field Recordings, Music Boxes, 78rpm Records, Samples, Effects, etc.

The van had gone and in the spot where its tractor had recently stood, there remained next to the sidewalk a rainbow of oil, with the purple predominant and a plumelike twist. Asphalt's parakeet.

- Vladimir Nabokov, The Gift

Muied Lumens - Light Makes The Darkness Visible

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-009
Number of tracks: 3
Genres: Dark Ambient
Format: MP3
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Visit The Artists: Muied Lumens
Cover: Ayn Morgan Photo: Garry
Direct URL: Muied Lumens - Light Makes The Darkness Visible
Review at BOF-OO9

Muied Lumens lives at an undisclosed location somewhere in the UK. He says the cover of this album reminds him of where he lives. This is the only clue we have...

Since he lives in the UK Muied Lumens is pretty much in bed when Sadayatana airs. I asked him to record a live set I could play on the show. He did and it was included in Sadayatana podcast #43, "This Blue Lawn". His set was titled: "Epistelechiton". He has subsequently crafted that set into this album, which I am very happy to release now.

My other left is a right.

- Muied Lumens

Mystified - Drifting (remastered)

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-008
Number of tracks: 9
Genres: Dark Ambient, Drone, Minimal
Format: MP3
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Visit The Artists: Mystified
Cover: Ayn Morgan
Direct URL: Mystified - Drifting (remastered)
Review at BOF-OO8

Excerpt from Mystified's email suggesting this release: "Back in 2007 I had a release of hard, noisy ambient drones released on a label that I think is now defunct called "Cute Tapes". The release came in a refurbished cassette with a nice illustration and was tied with a green ribbon. It was well-received within the noise community at the Troniks board, back when that was hopping. So, I have taken these tracks, the original WAVs, before rendering, and remastered them. John, if you release this, you really have balls, as it is noisey and quite minimal. But there are no beats and it is a vintage Mystified release that many enjoyed in the day."

John says: I felt reassured but want to add that this release rocks. Thank you so much for allowing me to release it on Also thank you Mystified for letting me mutate your tracks so much on Sadayatana.

Also thanks to Ayn Morgan for the cover. The minimalism of it complements this release and I just really like it a lot.

I would have guessed Frank Sinatra.

- Mystified