Jack Hertz - To Raise The Dead

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-007
Number of tracks: 1
Genres: Dark Ambient, Horror, Electronic
Format: MP3
Download: bof007_vbr_mp3.zip
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Visit The Artists: Jack Hertz & Quisp Quake
Cover: Ayn Morgan
Direct URL: Jack Hertz - To Raise The Dead
Review at archive.org: BOF-OO7

A studio mix of the Jack Hertz performance on Sadayatana Friday the 13th. 2011-05-13. Eerie sounds and electronic music create a haunting hour long performance, perfect for raising the dead. Special effects contributed by Quisp Quake.

Visit the artists at: jackhertz.com and quispquake.info.

To toggle the DNA of the dinosaurs and make chickens on the other side.

- Jack Hertz