Obscure Visions - K'inich Janaab' Pakal

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-006
Number of tracks: 1
Genres: Dark Ambient
Format: MP3
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Cover: Travis S.
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Obscure Visions is Fabián Ramírez. With alias 101001010101, Dr. Herom, Fabián Ramírez, Yspco, he does Hardcore Techno, Noise, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental, IDM, EBM, 8-Bits, Neo-Classic and Trance music --since the age of 13! I like it best when he's doing dark ambient. Especially live on my Sadayatana! So this is the way it was Live on Sadayatana 2011-09-02. A great set that was performed live and released on Sadayatana 044: The Woodshed. Enjoy. Thanks Fabián.

Some sounds I used on my songs are made with kicks on the door, or lifts, boxes jeje.

- Obscure Visions