Kirill Platonkin - Dream Of The Hermit

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-004
Number of tracks: 1
Genres: Drone, Dark Ambient
Format: MP3
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Cover: Kirill Platonkin
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This single-track album is based on guitar drones, that are a result of multiple processing. As it is understood from the title, the piece describes the flow of images, which appear during the sleep - and there are many different scenes in this dream.

And why is it "Hermit's" dream? Well, it is a long story, and firstly the picture on the album cover was the embodiment of this idea. You can see a yellow man, with a fan-like colourful substance coming in or coming out of his crown. At that time, I imagined that hermits, the people, who lead a secluded life, doing different creative stuff, look like that on the picture, from some unknown dimension.

This picture was drawn about a year and a half ago. And lately and unexpectedly a soundtrack for this image was born, which predominately depicts that exact "fan-like colourful substance". Thus, this album appear to be a philosophical and very abstract one, concerning some mental and energetical phenomena.
--Kirill Platonkin

I wish you good night and sweet rainbow dreams...

- Kirill Platonkin