seetyca - tagundnachtgleiche

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-003
Number of tracks: 9
Genres: Dark Ambient
Format: MP3
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Review at BOF-OO3

I got an email from seetyca in July. It said: Shalom, and thanks for playing seetyca. I sent back an email, the substance of which was: "you're welcome but how about playing live on Sadayatana?"

Well, he did and it worked out well. Rather than him staying up late to fit stillstream's schedule, we had a special edition of the show where he played for two hours in the afternoon (afternoon in Texas anyway.) His performance was rebroadcast on the following Sadayatana.

This release then is his remastered version of the set he did for Sadayatana, released on Sadayatana podcast: "The Flavour Blue". I enjoyed this immensely and I am sure you will as well.

But I learned most Americans don't know of Charles Ives...

- seetyca