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seetyca - tagundnachtgleiche

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-003
Number of tracks: 9
Genres: Dark Ambient
Format: MP3
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Direct URL: seetyca---tagundnachtgleiche
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I got an email from seetyca in July. It said: Shalom, and thanks for playing seetyca. I sent back an email, the substance of which was: "you're welcome but how about playing live on Sadayatana?"

Well, he did and it worked out well. Rather than him staying up late to fit stillstream's schedule, we had a special edition of the show where he played for two hours in the afternoon (afternoon in Texas anyway.) His performance was rebroadcast on the following Sadayatana.

This release then is his remastered version of the set he did for Sadayatana, released on Sadayatana podcast: "The Flavour Blue". I enjoyed this immensely and I am sure you will as well.

But I learned most Americans don't know of Charles Ives...

- seetyca

Subseason: III

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-002
Number of tracks: 1
Genres: Dark Ambient, Experimental
Format: FLAC, MP3, OGG
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Visit The Artists: Exuviae, Bunk Data
Cover: Stuck in Customs
Direct URL: subseason-iii
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Three years after the last Subseason release, long time ambient/electronic veterans Brooks Rongstad (Exuviae) and Nathan Larson (Bunk Data) return with their unique blend of analogue and digital improvisational soundscapes.

This release was recorded in one continuous take live at Grey Hat Terminal on August 12, 2011 and streamed live to the radio program Sadayatana. No additional processing or post editing was performed to the recording.

I was pretty stoked to get these guys playing live on my show. Big inspiration to me. Played their "Subseason: II" a bit on Houston's KTRU. Little did I know that they would be doing Subseason: III live on my Sadayatana show. Huzzah!

Oh yea... here's a picture of the gear they used. Don't ask me. I don't know what that stuff is. Looks cool though.

I have seen dudes make great soundscapes with just a few circuit bent toys that kick the crap out of a rack full of modular gear.

- Bunk Data

Shane Morris: Approaching Singularity

Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-001
Number of tracks: 6
Genres: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Field Recordings
Format: FLAC, MP3, OGG
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Cover: and Bill Manganaro
Direct URL: shane-morris-approaching-singularity
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Recorded Live on on April Fools Day 2011 (04.01.11) on the dark ambient experimental net radio program Sadayatana.

This live set was mostly improvised using Absynth, Reaktor, and field recordings. Listeners will find a more reserved and minimal approach with sounds that could be described as dark ambient, electronic, and experimental.

Approaching Singularity is an instrumental concept album based on the hypothesis of technological singularity proposed by I.J.Good and Vernor Vinge. As the world progresses, it seems inevitable that at some point, if we do not destroy overselves, for better or for worse, this singularity will occur. This is an album inspired by these concepts and the potential outcome it proposes for the future of the human species.

Created and Produced by Shane Morris © 2011 released under a Creative Commons license for free non-commercial use as long as certain conditions are met.

Mastered by Thomas Park

That's because Norway is awesome.

- Shane Morris